In this small little town called Sawtell, our melancholy last night.

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If you talked about Coff’s Harbour, tourists or locals would heard about it, if you talked about Sawtell, almost no tourist would know where is that. Sawtell is a small little village (village according  to Google lol) that no tourist would go.

It’s  not found in your usual tourist guide, and it wasn’t in our planned roadtrip too. We ended up here as I need to take the train back to Sydney, which its train station also is culturally surprising to me.

So this post is basically quite cheesy with me expressing my melancholy love story. This post also concludes my first Australia roadtrip (like finally after ages of procrastination).


Last stay of roadtrip: Bellingen. My interesting culture experience.

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So my Australia NSW to QLD roadtrip journal is finally ending soon! but doesn’t mean my travel diary is! Even though my posts are so inconsistent!

It must be sound weird for me to tell anyone that from Brisbane we went back slightly south to this little countryside town called Belligen, which is in between QLD and NSW.

Why I would return to Brisbane but not Sydney

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I like Brisbane way better than Sydney. First reason? people are better. I had one of the worst experience in Sydney, even after returning to Sydney for work on my second time visiting Australia, I still don’t like it. Sydney. People problem. People weren’t as friendly. People are oblivious and caught up in materialism.  I would just go back for the groceries..which could be found in anywhere else in Australia. Well I guess my first reason is kinda my main reason lol.

The vibe of Brisbane, the people are more chill, architectural is nice, feels a little like Seattle/Downtown kinda feel. No doubt it is less crowded but, I mean, it’s still an amount of people and the people  you can feel they are more laidback and less on the racist,materialistic side. Trust me, I had my experience in Sydney and I was unlucky. I was questioned so badly in the immigration, I will never forget when the immigration officer took my phone out of my hand, without any permission and start scrolling my personal emails. Terrible. No matter how bad Malaysia is, at least, officers still have the courtesy to say ‘Give me your phone’.

More on Brisbane universities and center in the next post. For now, let the pictures do the talking.



Brisbane, definitely better than Sydney..but let’s talk about food first.

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Ok first, Happy 2018! I have to be more consistent with updating my digital journal, but I can’t help it …

Brisbane is way nicer than Sydney, it turns out not bad.. since I have the best ever soft cookies and burger here.

One last hike before Brisbane! Best lookout?

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Just before we leave this national park, we have to go to one last lookout, that is rumored to be the nicest lookout in Springbrook national park.