Anne Feneley Lookout, Newcastle

Australia, Travel

This place is really near to the ocean bath nearby. Not sure if it’s the right time coming here in April, definitely not for the westerners, but coming from an Asian country, it was a darn good experience…. OF THE WIND.

It was the windiest day I have ever experience in my life. It’s so windy! but yet so enjoyable for us at the moment! It was super cold and windy so we were only out of our car for like 30 mins or so? take some pics and poof, off we go! Since it is getting dark at 5pm.




You can see how aggresive the waves are, yikes!


The wind was so strong and the sky was so cloudy and grey, we took so many attempts to get a proper photo, and also with my horrible photography skills haha. In case you (yes you, future Charlie) that why is there always two filter, that’s because charliemae likes retro filter, so there is a no filter and a retro filter 😉

So I didnt take any pics at the campsite, Stockton Beach Holiday Park. It was just cold and raining and we were damn tired. It was my first ever campsite and I find it interesting on how camping sites work. You basically just get an empty spot on the grass, choosing with/without electricity. Cheapest campsite is always without electricity. I’m amazed by how savvy the camp trailers can look like.
Oh so initially I thought we get a proper cabin for 20 AUD, but fuck lol those cost about at least 100 AUD and he drove us to a camping spot that is dark and cold and wet (since it is rainy). So he set up our tent there. And because the tent is from a cheap convenience store costing 15 AUD, water leaks!… if you touch the skin of the tent. So, you have to be as immobile and not touching the tent , succumbing in the middle of the tent like a fetus to avoid the whole tent being wet. What an experience.
Oh and, by the time we decided to cook dinner at about 10pm, the kitchen is closed, thats just great. so we just end up taking a nice loooooonng hot shower (yes its been days this is my first shower) and set up the tent, and eat in the car , eating in the car is a daily ritual now. So, that was my 3rd night in Australia, finally getting a proper shower.


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