How Campermate App lead us to nude beach – but we failed

Australia, Travel

We want to look for a free site to camp (just in our own car will do) at night, we use this app called Campermate that allowed us to find free/cheap/pricy camping spots and holiday parks.

So after Nelson bay visit we were looking for a place for the night – Yes we didn’t plan where to stay until the day itself, pretty hobo.

I downloaded this app and it shows all the types of camping available in Australia, so we look for the green color the free ones and found this beach called Samurai Beach, which is a nude beach! There is a camping ground for self-contained cars (which is suitable for us since our camping tent is pathetically from K-mart anyway :D). Looking more at the details, Hauke was a bit reluctant initially once we found out it is a nude beach! I on the other hand was super excited since I have not visited one. The reason being he said there’s a lot of creepy old naked men and I think there’s a lot of hot girls there haha.

It was already dark so google maps didnt help too much the roads are dark (totally not like my country where there is almost no roads without lights. There is a holiday park but it’s a proper one so the road to the beach was blocked we can’t go through to the camping ground , so bear in mind when looking for a free spot for this place, it’s quite hidden.

After looking for quite some time we ended up just camping at some secluded housing area (very common in non-cities of Australia) and did not even find the samurai beach at the next morning, damn.




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