Last stay of roadtrip: Bellingen. My interesting culture experience.

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So my Australia NSW to QLD roadtrip journal is finally ending soon! but doesn’t mean my travel diary is! Even though my posts are so inconsistent!

It must be sound weird for me to tell anyone that from Brisbane we went back slightly south to this little countryside town called Belligen, which is in between QLD and NSW.

We stayed here because Hauke’s parents’ hippie friends are staying here, which he never met before but good enough to let us stay. I remembered it was like a 5-6 hour drive that by the time we reach it was almost 12am. I felt so bad because the elder ( age 50 and above is consider old to me and we should respect them more) was waiting for us, technically speaking, way past bedtime, i was tired af as well.

When we reach Belligen, it was kinda all dark at the housing area you doubt like where tf are we. So we had to call the uncle and we were on the right track, there was actually a big barn yard infront of the house. Culture shock for me as I never seen a small house with so much land , and HORSES AND COWS. I’m a suburban girl and I live in southeast asia where land is limited lol. The only lights we had was the car lights and thank goodness didnt hit any of them animals, though, the eyes of the animals shimmer under the car lights shooked us cause the horses and cows were huge we were like wtf was that!

This was a very interesting and unique stay for me, the countryside with huuuuuuge land, cows, horses, a dog, rearing bees, some chicken, all so interesting for me, and the organic toilet – MY FIRST TIME EVER. Not to forget, the family was really nice with great hospitality, given that it is the first time meeting, for him and for me and for them.


While we were on our way he plucked some flowers for me 🙂



Probably he knew he couldn’t spend valentine’s with me



Love the food


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