Quick stop at Tomaree Lookout point before going to Mango Brush

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After our failed attempt to look for Samurai Beach, off we go with our roadtrip. We saw a signboard LOOKOUT and he made a yolo turning into this place.

Personally, i wouldnt spend my time here. It’s like a 15-20 mins drive up, but nothing much… other than enjoying some cheeseballs with him that we bought from Aldi.

Let the photos do the speaking. Ok fine I only have a few on this spot. But, the road journey to Mango Brush was pretty 🙂








One Mile Beach , one moment sunny, one moment rainstorm.

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One Mile Beach is a very simple and no crowd beach (or maybe just at April cause it’s cold) just next to Samurai Beach, but of course through driving it doesnt sound that simple.

To go to the beach, it’s almost not visible, there will be a big sign on the road then once turned in go straight and will see holiday park on your left, since april is school holiday there is a lot of caravans. So there is an open car park that’s big enough to just park there for a long time and go to the beach. There’s a washroom that you’ll passed by before going to the beach, the showers is outdoors so we have to wear our swimwear if we wanna get a free cold shower.

Since we were staying hobo last night we left really early in the morning so when we reach the One Mile beach it was just 7am. And! you can see a few hardcore surfers still surfing on a cloudy unpredictable weather like this.

We were attempting to walk to the end of the beach and I’m trying to see if it links to the Samurai Beach. When we were at 3/4 end of the beach, the wind totally blew the rain to us so arghhhhhh we have to like quickly get back to our car.



Yep it actually looks gloomy like this


How Campermate App lead us to nude beach – but we failed

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We want to look for a free site to camp (just in our own car will do) at night, we use this app called Campermate that allowed us to find free/cheap/pricy camping spots and holiday parks.

So after Nelson bay visit we were looking for a place for the night – Yes we didn’t plan where to stay until the day itself, pretty hobo.

I downloaded this app and it shows all the types of camping available in Australia, so we look for the green color the free ones and found this beach called Samurai Beach, which is a nude beach! There is a camping ground for self-contained cars (which is suitable for us since our camping tent is pathetically from K-mart anyway :D). Looking more at the details, Hauke was a bit reluctant initially once we found out it is a nude beach! I on the other hand was super excited since I have not visited one. The reason being he said there’s a lot of creepy old naked men and I think there’s a lot of hot girls there haha.

It was already dark so google maps didnt help too much the roads are dark (totally not like my country where there is almost no roads without lights. There is a holiday park but it’s a proper one so the road to the beach was blocked we can’t go through to the camping ground , so bear in mind when looking for a free spot for this place, it’s quite hidden.

After looking for quite some time we ended up just camping at some secluded housing area (very common in non-cities of Australia) and did not even find the samurai beach at the next morning, damn.



Skip Port Stephens, go Nelson Bay in April.

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So we left Stockton holiday park, and its a sunny day lucky for us! After enduring days of cold at NSW lol. Well, less cold at least, still rainy though.

We walked around the beautiful area and the weather is just cloudy – rainy – cloudy – sudden rain. We saw one elderly couple intend to go take a ride in their boat but because of the rain they have to get in and out of the car, waiting for the rain to stop, when it rains get back into the car again. So we were chilling in our car too because we thought of taking a walk, but with the fickle weather it ain’t easy.

When it was just drizzling (and hopefully no sudden pour of rain) we walked around the bay path. We were EXTREMELY EXCITED when we saw A PELICAN! Trying to zoom our camera and phones, tryna stalk the chill bird (which later on in our trip we start to see it more and and felt meh ).

As we kept walking, we saw a mangrove park. The area was quite empty (due to the weather I guess) and I find it amusing that most Aussies own a boat/yacht/water thingy. Hauke told me Aussies tend to spend their money on this (correct me if I am wrong). Cause previously I was wondering the groceries are soooooooo cheap so where does Aussies spend their money on? So it make more sense, even though now sometimes I still wonder , need more confirmation :p, then also recently found out their tax rate is of course higher than where I’m from (then again! groceries are cheap and roads/infrastructure etc are good! So tax went into good use).

He was hoping to see some koala. We talked to a Swede woman that has been living in Australia for 20 years, according to her now is not the season, if they are around they would be really noisy at night.


Woohoo pelican at damn far away but woohooo damn excited!


Saw that pelican!


His turn to stalk the pelican



We had to ride at the shoplot there when the rain suddenly came pouring



Mangrove boardwalk!





Why my Australia trip strengthen the love for him


Looks is one thing, but at the end of the day is all about the personality.


As we all know ( ok maybe just me) that my aussie trip started horribly (Found here Aus- First day Shock!) I could be miserable for the rest of my days but I recover faster because of him. He never got angry at me all the while I was being angry and miserable.


On the first day, once I got access to my wifi, as I was late he already texted me multiple times looking at the time he sent the msgs. So I reach Central station, holding tears when I was on the train, he was there waiting with his huge backpack and all his stuff, he smells horrible, having not having a proper accomodation all the time in Melbourne.  We had to take a bus to get his car, in the bus he was just looking at why im so unhappy I guess. Even before that, we went to Sydney opera house, I couldn’t even lift a smile, he was telling me ‘smile!’ when I ask him to take a photo..which I really have to force up a smile after a horrible day lol.


Once we got our car I was not that happy too because the air conditioning of the car was not working, and I wasn’t allow to take a long time to look at a nearby grocery store because we were parking illegally and he was worried. I felt there was some racism too on my first few days. The aussies definitely did not treat me so well but for him he always don’t care much on how others think. When we were at blue mountain he told me that was how real aussies are, when he talked to a receptionist asking for mountain suggestions for hiking (that lady was definitely alot nicer than the people in Sydney).


The breaking point when I fully realised is when we were at Newcastle, I was still very much aware and conscious of how other think of me/of us. Just when I was starting to let loose (because he always turn the music sooooo loud), I was embarassed when a teenage kid next to our car at the traffic light stop make fun of us with head banging, and I’m also conscious because I’m asian in a white country, the kid was like making faces and stuff, the instant instinct was looking away pretending I did not see.
As for Hauke, I don’t think he realised, he just kept singing loudly and enjoying the moment looking at me once in awhile to see if I am also in the zone. That kind of spirit really inspired me, to not care about others because people will always judge and those people are not important in your life. If I get a second chance, I would point a middle finger at the stupid tardface punk (that can’t even drive , his mom was driving).. and I would kept singing because I would be enjoying, not caring on dirt punks.


Yeah so after that, I really start to loosen up, really started to enjoy the mood after seeing how carefree he is on the surrounding, and only care about our time mainly.
Walking barefoot most of the time.. but seems like that’s not just him, many aussies does the same so maybe that don’t count ;p


When we reached Coff’s Harbour near the big banana, as we were walking back to our car, some kid said ‘miao’ from the car, that’s what I heard, what he heard was ‘ Did she just said ni hao?’ Me:’ I dont know, dont care~’ him: ‘If she did that’s racist, I allow you to say “fuck you” to her’ . That’s when he sees that is a little racism in Aus, just that he have not seen with his own eyes. It was racist because I’m just asian, I could be japanese , chinese, korean, vietnamese, indonesian etc etc. Dear Aussies, asian does not mean Chinese. So he does care and he isn’t embarrased to walk next to me and anything.


At South West Rocks, when we are out of water, he thought about just going into the restaurant and get in, but I said he isn’t buying anything so they will probably scoff him off. He told me he dont care he doesnt lose anything, in the end the people were kind enough to give him water (yes I waited in the car, just in case they have any racism). It inspired me to care less on the ego/rejection.


All the time as I have been growing up I have care more and more on how others think, i need his sort of optimism, of only caring what’s important. No fear to rejection, to embarassment of the rejection or sayings and so on. So even at Port Stephens when some aussie indian and whites looks pissed off at us for stopping at the loading bay (oh please, is it necessary to show the you-want-to-kill-somebody face? ) and come to knock at our car window, we just laughed it off and show a sorry we are tourists face~. Yes at the point I have already gotten more care-free and adapting to him 🙂


Even at byron’s bay when people are looking and chuckling at my weird asian clothing, I dont care much because you’re only being evil because its not a norm in your country, and normal human nature is not that entirely nice, people talk. Well I’m on the buddhist side so I accept people, just people don’t accept me and alot of other stuff.



At the end of the trip, I have became a carefree on my attire, my race, how we act and what we do because of him. ..Then again when I came back to Malaysia there was some jdugement so, oh well as long as he is around, I just need to have that carefree attitude, and he is a reminder to be carefree and ahppy


This article is dedicated to him, I dont know what happens to us in the future, but since the beginning i met him, made me changed for the better , the braver.


Beautifully relaxing Stockton Beach + Shipwreck Walk.

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We woke up in our cold damp cheap tent in Stockton Holiday Beach Park, but the good thing is, it stopped raining! Since the kitchen is finally open, cooked up some breakfast. Note that cooking utensils is not provided for your cooking. I think it was an area that is not so common to have non aussies, cause I was getting some attention (people tend to look longer than usual) and people felt like ‘hey why is this asian girl here?’ Hopefully is just my mind playing games.

So, this place has a nice beach! The Shipwreck Walk is really nice too, just feels relaxing.  Oh there was some wicked campers campervan arrived, my first time seeing it like wow, some pretty hipsters painting their whole van. Then Hauke told me it was just a rented van, oh okay.

We had our brunch at the end of the shipwreck walk, just sitting on the floor like 2 weird kids.P1080309.JPGP1080315.JPG






Anne Feneley Lookout, Newcastle

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It’s so windy! but yet so enjoyable for us at the moment! It was super cold and windy so we were only out of our car for like 30 mins or so? take some pics and poof, off we go! Since it is getting dark at 5pm.




You can see how aggresive the waves are, yikes!


The wind was so strong and the sky was so cloudy and grey, we took so many attempts to get a proper photo, and also with my horrible photography skills haha. In case you (yes you, future Charlie) that why is there always two filter, that’s because charliemae likes retro filter, so there is a no filter and a retro filter 😉

So I didnt take any pics at the campsite, Stockton Beach Holiday Park. It was just cold and raining and we were damn tired. It was my first ever campsite and I find it interesting on how camping sites work. You basically just get an empty spot on the grass, choosing with/without electricity. Cheapest campsite is always without electricity. I’m amazed by how savvy the camp trailers can look like.
Oh so initially I thought we get a proper cabin for 20 AUD, but fuck lol those cost about at least 100 AUD and he drove us to a camping spot that is dark and cold and wet (since it is rainy). So he set up our tent there. And because the tent is from a cheap convenience store costing 15 AUD, water leaks!… if you touch the skin of the tent. So, you have to be as immobile and not touching the tent , succumbing in the middle of the tent like a fetus to avoid the whole tent being wet. What an experience.
Oh and, by the time we decided to cook dinner at about 10pm, the kitchen is closed, thats just great. so we just end up taking a nice loooooonng hot shower (yes its been days this is my first shower) and set up the tent, and eat in the car , eating in the car is a daily ritual now. So, that was my 3rd night in Australia, finally getting a proper shower.