Brisbane, definitely better than Sydney..but let’s talk about food first.

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Ok first, Happy 2018! I have to be more consistent with updating my digital journal, but I can’t help it …

Brisbane is way nicer than Sydney, it turns out not bad.. since I have the best ever soft cookies and burger here.


Ante @ One Utama, Bandar Utama


If you’re wondering if the non-halal food is good, YES, THE FLAVOURS ARE JUST RIGHT.. though it can be a bit pricy for most. So overall the food is enjoyable, service was good, the waiters came to ask us what do we think of the food, twice.

We had mushroom soup, pumpkin soup, curry cream charsiew pasta, pork diane, bacon and mash, sous vide chicken. 


Mushroom soup – RM15


Soup was not as creamy, the garlic bread was chewy crispy but yet flavourful, if you’re the type who don’t like it too creamy it’s good for you


Pumpkin soup – RM15


Curry Cream Char Siew Pasta – RM32



Creamy curry cream topped with some eggplant blanketed by some super sweet charsiew. Flavourful and sufficient sauce. There’s some enokki mushrooms too.




Pork Diane – RM42


Mom’s favourite, as the meat is flavourful, tender, with mashed green peas and mushroom sauce just nice. Wedges a tad bit salty but it goes well with the combination.


Bacon and Mash – RM28


caramelised onion is flavourful and not too tender (just right!), Mash you have to eat it by itself, you can taste the buttery taste. Bacon well, is bacon 🙂



Sous Vide Chicken – RM35, In case you’re wondering what’s sous vide, it’s meat packeted in a vacumn and cook with its plastic vacumn in the water. This makes the meat still tender and juicy.


Here is the link for wondering what’s sous vide:



p.s. price is rough estimation since I’m just uploading without  looking at the receipt now :p, only price of pasta i’m not sure, others is about there. But the pasta is under Ante speciality so thats about 30-36+. if You go for a carbonara it would be bout 29+ , like hey we are in Ante why not try its speciality you can get carbonara anywhere, but sis said its carbonara is still good.

Bill was about RM200, RM26 goes to the 10% and 6% lol. But for non-halal food, they did it well. It’s a place to splurge, i gotta say this is better than some korean food restaurant nearby (forgot shop name), shall update this post if i’m not lazy.