Wear your shoes at Pebbly Beach + Indie folk dinner at Forster Park

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Forster is a small relaxing township if you make a detour when you are on your way to Port Macquarie, NSW, where aussies are definitely more of the typical laidback aussie here (COMPARED TO SYDNEY).

It’s been about one week in my two week roadtrip from Sydney to Brisbane now, have adapted to our humble way of travelling, enjoying breakfast, lunch, dinner in our old car. I don’t feel the need to complain, because as long as i am with him, i found it fine being super frugal 🙂 So it’s a little ‘luxurious’ for us to have sausage and barbeque sauce with a nice scenic view at Forster Park.

Forster park actually has a very Lord of the Rings kinda scene when we were walking to the picnic bench and table to have our dinner. We stopped by at Forster with the intention to go to Aldi (our first option to shop groceries, and almost optionally choosing Aldi solely). After getting groceries, we intend to continue our roadtrip to the next free campground, but decide to stop by at Forster Park/Pebbly beach. We start off at Pebbly beach first, after a few steps on the beach, when i pulled out my cable from charging, the cable head got stucked on my iphone.

Instantly, i panicked, not used to unfortunate scenarios and electronics in Australia is expensive I don’t want to spend on unnecessary stuff. There wasn’t much in Forster, no electronics shop (since it was closing at 5pm) and don’t know what to do when every single shit closes so early in Aus. Hauke was calmed though – he probably had worse cases. I was panicking not being able to enjoy, i need my phone for google maps, contacting my friends and family, basically everything. I started to fumble, so he decide to go back to the car and get some pin which luckily his mom packed for him, and he got the cable head out, i was able to charge my phone again (but of course have to use a different cable, which i bring extra before coming to Australia). As a reward for him? a kiss! (YES CLICHE )

Okay so, once i had my chill mood on, we took a stroll on the beach, but too many rocks. Pebbly beach i am sure the name is due to many pebbles in the beach, I only started to enjoy and appreciate it’s beauty after my cable panic case.

Amazing though there was a dog was able to play catch the stick – running , ouch it feels pain to me to be able to run on those rocks. We had our privileged romantic dinner at the park, enjoying the sunset, seeing young teens sitting on the beach after their surf felt so relaxing (how i wish i had a healthy nature activity childhood instead of living in the city life), and me as usual, had to take pics of our journey 🙂




Mungo Brush? Weird name? a fancy ferry experience in the woods?

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oh man i been a loooong break since the last aus trip update. I blame the laptop for being laggy, ok fine its just my sense of laziness and reading german blogs >.> and also work. but yeah so by the time i get home i’m like fuck i need to sleep.

ANYWAYZ. About Mungo Brush (My bf doesn’t know that i think it is so funny when he pronounced it i thought it was his english prob :P) , is a damn huge national park. He kept saying it’s super pretty i’m like okay you just drive i will prepare food when you drive and enjoy the scenery.
and man, it sure is pretty! though with mosquitoes but still pretty! one thing i love about aus, almost the only thing i love about aus is how they preserve the nature so well and clean. Or maybe just i have not been to others much aside from my own country >O<! but hey Borneo has pretty sceneries ok! just that i live in the suburbs not near the mountains or forest. I’m suburb girl. Boy, we were so excited when we see the pelican upclose! SO HUGE BIRD.

as we parked illegally(proper parking cost 10 AUD) we have to rush back to the car when we saw some forest rangers (idk what you call them), but they were cool enough they don’t give us a fine. Apparently in Germany that won’t be the case, the officers are strict and no tolerance there will be a fine.

To continue our roadtrip we had to take the cute ferry trip, cost $6.50 for two of us +vehicle, basically they charge on vehicle type. it was fun! after the ferry to the other side, it’s a little lost because there is no proper tar roads at one point we doubt is our google maps leading us to the right path to go to the north? After a while of crossing those farms and bumpy roads we left the countryside looking beautiful romantic place and continue our roadtrip.



camping site, where we have gotten bitten by mosquitoes and saw the pelican


that’s the camera i use , panasonic yo


pfft what’s with his pose


Pictures taken on 13th April 2017, with love.


our cute car!




Skip Port Stephens, go Nelson Bay in April.

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So we left Stockton holiday park, and its a sunny day lucky for us! After enduring days of cold at NSW lol. Well, less cold at least, still rainy though.

We walked around the beautiful area and the weather is just cloudy – rainy – cloudy – sudden rain. We saw one elderly couple intend to go take a ride in their boat but because of the rain they have to get in and out of the car, waiting for the rain to stop, when it rains get back into the car again. So we were chilling in our car too because we thought of taking a walk, but with the fickle weather it ain’t easy.

When it was just drizzling (and hopefully no sudden pour of rain) we walked around the bay path. We were EXTREMELY EXCITED when we saw A PELICAN! Trying to zoom our camera and phones, tryna stalk the chill bird (which later on in our trip we start to see it more and and felt meh ).

As we kept walking, we saw a mangrove park. The area was quite empty (due to the weather I guess) and I find it amusing that most Aussies own a boat/yacht/water thingy. Hauke told me Aussies tend to spend their money on this (correct me if I am wrong). Cause previously I was wondering the groceries are soooooooo cheap so where does Aussies spend their money on? So it make more sense, even though now sometimes I still wonder , need more confirmation :p, then also recently found out their tax rate is of course higher than where I’m from (then again! groceries are cheap and roads/infrastructure etc are good! So tax went into good use).

He was hoping to see some koala. We talked to a Swede woman that has been living in Australia for 20 years, according to her now is not the season, if they are around they would be really noisy at night.


Woohoo pelican at damn far away but woohooo damn excited!


Saw that pelican!


His turn to stalk the pelican



We had to ride at the shoplot there when the rain suddenly came pouring



Mangrove boardwalk!