Last stay of roadtrip: Bellingen. My interesting culture experience.

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So my Australia NSW to QLD roadtrip journal is finally ending soon! but doesn’t mean my travel diary is! Even though my posts are so inconsistent!

It must be sound weird for me to tell anyone that from Brisbane we went back slightly south to this little countryside town called Belligen, which is in between QLD and NSW.


Why I hate Sydney at first sight, but not Brisbane.

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To write about Brisbane, the best comparison I have is with Sydney, these are the 2 cities I have visited for my trips to Australia. 

One last hike before Brisbane! Best lookout?

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Just before we leave this national park, we have to go to one last lookout, that is rumored to be the nicest lookout in Springbrook national park.

Gold Coast, is can’t unsee the sex shop at surfer’s paradise.

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Seriously the sex shop is almost the most significant thing I can remember about the city of Surfer’s Paradise at Gold Coast. The place was not cold at all, way different compared to Blue Mountains and Port Macquarie where we were freezing our asses off.

Warning: a little bit of 18+ before continue reading.

Day trip at Byron Bay , sneaking into Cape Byron Lighthouse at night

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Byron Bay, I never knew how hipster the place is until Hauke told me there are many people with weird fashion here. Turns out, he’s right, but it’s hipster hippies instead of weird haha, probably it’s weird to him. People are still fashionable but just with a 70’s vibe in it.

Skip Coff’s Harbour banana boat and why you must prepare lighter and proper shoes !

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I come from a country where there is more people, bigger and taller buildings, bigger theme (can’t beat europe or america), than Australia. The famous Coff’s Harbour banana boat theme park is nothing special to me, as compared to this lookout, Sealy’s Lookout.

Firstly, in order to get here, it will take about 15-30 mins drive up the sloppy hill where you can see so many banana trees.

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve is just too cuuuute!

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Coff’s Harbour! We arrived early morning. It was a nice sunny day, not too cold – water is still cold though. Passed by some beach that only has old people – probably morning activities.

Following my bf knowing his way around, so we just walked around on this walking path, that people are doing morning activities e..g jogging and walking. That lead us to Muttonbird Island!