Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve is just too cuuuute!

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Coff’s Harbour! We arrived early morning. It was a nice sunny day, not too cold – water is still cold though. Passed by some beach that only has old people – probably morning activities.

Following my bf knowing his way around, so we just walked around on this walking path, that people are doing morning activities e..g jogging and walking. That lead us to Muttonbird Island!


In a small town called South West Rocks, camping?

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Here we are at South West Rocks! We didn’t explore much, but the main center ( we are pretty sure) has two not very big beach. One has a camping site directly behind the beach, which was actually fully occupied! Due April being school holiday, you can basically see almost all campsites have campervans and them family trips.

To me, the place felt like ..

Skip Port Stephens, go Nelson Bay in April.

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So we left Stockton holiday park, and its a sunny day lucky for us! After enduring days of cold at NSW lol. Well, less cold at least, still rainy though.

We walked around the beautiful area and the weather is just cloudy – rainy – cloudy – sudden rain. We saw one elderly couple intend to go take a ride in their boat but because of the rain they have to get in and out of the car, waiting for the rain to stop, when it rains get back into the car again. So we were chilling in our car too because we thought of taking a walk, but with the fickle weather it ain’t easy.