One Mile Beach , one moment sunny, one moment rainstorm.

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One Mile Beach is a very simple and no crowd beach (or maybe just at April cause it’s cold) just next to Samurai Beach, but of course through driving it doesnt sound that simple.

To go to the beach, it’s almost not visible, there will be a big sign on the road then once turned in go straight and will see holiday park on your left, since april is school holiday there is a lot of caravans. So there is an open car park that’s big enough to just park there for a long time and go to the beach. There’s a washroom that you’ll passed by before going to the beach, the showers is outdoors so we have to wear our swimwear if we wanna get a free cold shower.

Since we were staying hobo last night we left really early in the morning so when we reach the One Mile beach it was just 7am. And! you can see a few hardcore surfers still surfing on a cloudy unpredictable weather like this.

We were attempting to walk to the end of the beach and I’m trying to see if it links to the Samurai Beach. When we were at 3/4 end of the beach, the wind totally blew the rain to us so arghhhhhh we have to like quickly get back to our car.



Yep it actually looks gloomy like this


Beautifully relaxing Stockton Beach + Shipwreck Walk.

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We woke up in our cold damp cheap tent in Stockton Holiday Beach Park, but the good thing is, it stopped raining! Since the kitchen is finally open, cooked up some breakfast. Note that cooking utensils is not provided for your cooking. I think it was an area that is not so common to have non aussies, cause I was getting some attention (people tend to look longer than usual) and people felt like ‘hey why is this asian girl here?’ Hopefully is just my mind playing games.

So, this place has a nice beach! The Shipwreck Walk is really nice too, just feels relaxing.  Oh there was some wicked campers campervan arrived, my first time seeing it like wow, some pretty hipsters painting their whole van. Then Hauke told me it was just a rented van, oh okay.

We had our brunch at the end of the shipwreck walk, just sitting on the floor like 2 weird kids.P1080309.JPGP1080315.JPG






Newcastle Ocean Bath – dramatic strong wind in April!

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Oh man, don’t play a fool, don’t mess with the wind and waves.

At Nobby’s, the wind was already strong and continuous. From Nobby’s beach we drove a little further up to reach the ocean bath, well actually wasn’t part of the plan but it was beautiful and i wanted to go to it. So I changed my wet jeans to a shorts, and looking outside the car, it doenst seem so suitable cause people are either wearing yoga pants or jeans. Once I step out of the car, I totally understand because the WIND WAS CRAZILY STRONG. There is not a second without wind, literally! I had to changed to a knee length pants, and of course, borrow his windbreaker!

Looking at the pictures, nope , swimming at the ocean bath is definitely out of the question. Funny thing is, there is some trying-to-be-macho aussie dad and son still attempt to swim…

Since swimming is out of the question, we just explore the ocean bath and yay! we found a place to shower! free showers! but it was too damn cold to shower there yikes , so in the night we did end up camping for a price.


Off to Newcastle! Nobby’s beach.

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my failed jump photo lol


maybe this is slight better…or not


Ok! After Lake Macquarie, we moved on to Nobby’s beach. We basically spent a few hours in Newscastle. As it’s chilly and windy there wasn’t many people at the beach except for some hardcore surfers.  It’s a place with free parking and you can take a loop walk from the beach –> Nobby’s head –> Newcastle Breakwall -> Stony Point (you can see many people bringing dogs).

April weather, most people are with their jeggings/leggings/yoga pants whatever and imma with ma jeans cause it’s the only long pants I got and it was soaked with seawater when the waves hit higher, during our walk at the beach. Mind you, same as the previous places we have been to (Wentworth falls, Lake Macquarie) , the wind hits us non stop. Well looking at the map it make sense.

In between Nobbys beach and Nobbys head, there’s some wild plants going and at that place, there is SAND attack. Because the ground is very uneven and the wind is continuous, the sand moves around, at a point even my cap flew off and I was holding my shoes and inside my shoes was full of sand, and I didnt do anything other than just holding it and standing there lol.




At this point, I’m getting less miserable from my first hand custom and aussie experience 🙂 Thanks to ~


Strong wind strong sand ahhhhh but still happy cause he is around.



Cloudy isn’t it?