The mistake we commit before exploring Springbrook National Park. Part 1.

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After leaving high traffic Gold Coast, we went to Springbrook, which according to Hauke is a nice hiking place.  When I see oh it’s a national park, we love nature so why not! To reach this place you have to travel by car (so are many other nice places in Australia). The  famous part of this national park is Purling Brooks, which was our first stop at the lookout, however we should have done 2 things before arriving here.


Following the trail from Oxley Beach to Windmill Hill Reserve

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This is a short post!

So there was alot of hiking and walking going to the next beach . Windmill Hill Reserve is just a place that you can fall down into the wave and rocks in the dark if you aren’t looking. Well, just like most beaches in Aus, there’s alot of areas that doesn’t restrict you or do anything for safety, unlike Singapore, where everything is artificial lol. No offense btw.

Quick stop at Tomaree Lookout point before going to Mungo Brush, NSW

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After our failed attempt to look for Samurai Beach, off we go with our roadtrip. We saw a signboard LOOKOUT and he made a yolo turning into this place.

Personally, i wouldnt spend my time here. It’s like a 15-20 mins drive up, but nothing much… other than enjoying some cheeseballs with him that we bought from Aldi.

Wentworth Falls – wind attack!

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Day 2 after Grand Canyon walking trail and Evan’s Lookout, he decided to drive us to Wentworth Falls as I kept mentioning to go there as recommended. THe moment we stepped out of our car , BOOM. Wind attack, it just keeps slapping you over and over. So we only hang around like 10-15 mins walk around, didn’t go to camp at some place near the beautiful waterfall, which requires you to take at least an hour of hiking to get there first.

At night we spent at someone’s porch like 5 mins away from Wentworth Falls, since there’s no free camping there. It was rather dark and also rather cold (well of course we were freezing). I actually found the houses rather interesting since its quite big and spacious compare to asia countries, well i






Grand Canyon Walking Track – Love!

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Day 2, left beautiful Perry’s Lookout to go to a 3-4 hour hiking spot.

As it was April and at a temperature of 15 deg, it was perfect since most of the trail is protected from the wind, only at certain places where its higher the wind hits you. The trail has only a few other hikers if you’re looking for some peace, but not as isolated as Perry Lookout I would say.

As you can see from the pictures, I only have compliments for this hike trail, beautiful waterfall, canyons (well afterall it’s called grand canyon) perfect weather without leeches lol. That’s the downside if it’s a rainforest, leeches! more on that later. At the end of the hike we reach Evan’s Lookout so it’s a good hike (gets you sweating) and you feel the achievement once reaching the lookout. oh yeahh! We did a loop and walk back to our carpark (20 mins from Evan’s Lookout)





Perry’s Lookout, Blue Mountains: A serene hidden beauty of Australia’s nature

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My first night in Aus we drove to the blue mountains, and boy, it was rainy and getting colder when we are going there. I didn’t know it’s 2 hours away, and apparently that’s not so far in Aus distance.

Perry’s Lookout is so cool when you arrive, even the road there was like bumpy and all dark (ooo spoooky). There were a few other cars (i.e campers) already camping there, we DEFINITELY did not prepare proper clothing it was 8 degrees at night. Since Hauke only told me to pack summore clothes, thats what I did lol. Thank goodness we went to Aldi to get our food supply and he decide to get a fleece blanket. It was still shivering cold, but well we didnt freeze (amen to that).

Funny thing is, I had my window slightly opened , because I was enjoying the breeze when he was driving there. SO it was left open all night since we camped in the car and I thought we needed some air.

Next morning he told me he didn’t realised the window was opened (“No wonder it was so cold!”). That misunderstanding that got us freezing and difficulty sleeping properly under the beautiful sky of stars and bright moonlight. We wanted to see the sunrise, we did woke up in time but was like, ‘nah fuck it its too cold. Sunrise is beautiful, seeing a hint of it from the car.

A beautiful piece of nature that’s romantic as there’s not many hikers and tourists there. We actually didn’t get to take the hike as it would take (4-5hours), we chose another place to hike instead. There’s a toilet there but we arrived at night and we chose real nature as our toilet instead lol. We couldnt see what’s at the proper toilet ()_(), don’t wanna take the risk of seeing something ew. It’s a beautiful and place of privacy for free camping, there is limited space for campers.




Yes we are feeling cold at the moment due to the wind.