Day trip at Byron Bay , sneaking into Cape Byron Lighthouse at night

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Byron Bay, I never knew how hipster the place is until Hauke told me there are many people with weird fashion here. Turns out, he’s right, but it’s hipster hippies instead of weird haha, probably it’s weird to him. People are still fashionable but just with a 70’s vibe in it.


Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve is just too cuuuute!

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Coff’s Harbour! We arrived early morning. It was a nice sunny day, not too cold – water is still cold though. Passed by some beach that only has old people – probably morning activities.

Following my bf knowing his way around, so we just walked around on this walking path, that people are doing morning activities e..g jogging and walking. That lead us to Muttonbird Island!

In a small town called South West Rocks, camping?

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Here we are at South West Rocks! We didn’t explore much, but the main center ( we are pretty sure) has two not very big beach. One has a camping site directly behind the beach, which was actually fully occupied! Due April being school holiday, you can basically see almost all campsites have campervans and them family trips.

To me, the place felt like ..

From Town Beach to lunch at Tacking Point Lighthouse

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After our long walk from Nobby’s beach (not to be confuse with Newcastle’s) back to town beach, man we were melting. It was a sunny and windy day. Of course, sunny days always make your pics look wonderful.

Tacking Point Lighthouse is about 15-20 min drive away from the Town Beach..

The hidden monument at Nobby’s lookout.

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I had to have the featured pic without the retro this time cause:

  1.  the same pic with the retro filter isn’t as nice.
  2. this is like the best no filter pic, right lighting, right waves, oh yeah.

So this is our last stop before walking all the way back to Town Beach, Port Macquarie because:

Flynn’s beach, family friendly. Nobby’s beach, don’t go if you are allergic or scare of dogs.

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First thing first, cheers to all the dog lovers in the world!

okay so i messed up. Flynn beach is a small beach where there are many people and family friendly, probably due to lifeguards around but nothing much for us just another beach so we went on to the next.

Nobby’s beach in Port Macquarie is a dog-friendly beach (sorry cats!). Not to be confused with Nobby’s in Newcastle. I personally am a dog lover, hands down. Well, maybe more like mammal lover i love all ’em mammal animalsss (was that broken english?)..

Following the trail from Oxley Beach to Windmill Hill Reserve

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This is a short post!

So there was alot of hiking and walking going to the next beach . Windmill Hill Reserve is just a place that you can fall down into the wave and rocks in the dark if you aren’t looking. Well, just like most beaches in Aus, there’s alot of areas that doesn’t restrict you or do anything for safety, unlike Singapore, where everything is artificial lol. No offense btw.